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Any 2 Topping Stromboli

Your choice of any pizza topping, mozzarella, and sauce.

Medium $11Large $16
Extra Sauce:Extra Cup of Sauce +$0.50
Calzone and Stromboli Toppings (Select 2):Ham Salami Bacon Sausage Pepperoni Hamburger Meatballs Onions Green Peppers Mushrooms Anchovies Kalamata Olives Jalapeño Pepper Tomato Pineapple Broccoli Extra Cheese +$3Extra Ricotta +$3Artichokes +$3Roasted Red Peppers +$3Grilled Chicken +$4Steak +$4
Large Cheese Pizza Topping (Optional):Ham +$2.50Salami +$2.50Bacon +$2.50Sausage +$2.50Pepperoni +$2.50Hamburger +$2.50Meatballs +$2.50Onions +$2.50Green Peppers +$2.50Mushrooms +$2.50Anchovies +$2.50Kalamata Olives +$2.50Jalapeño Pepper +$2.50Tomato +$2.50Pineapple +$2.50Broccoli +$2.50Extra Cheese +$3Extra Ricotta +$3Artichokes +$3Roasted Red Peppers +$3Grilled Chicken +$4Steak +$4