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Giacomo's Italian Restaurant

Mini Boli


Your choice of 2 toppings. Extra toppings $1.49 each

Mini Boli Toppings:Ham Salami Bacon Sausage Pepperoni Hamburger Meatballs Onions Green Peppers Mushrooms Anchovies Kalmata Olives Jalapeno Peppers Banana Peppers (mild) Tomato Pineapple Broccoli Extra Sauce Steak Chicken Artichokes Roasted Red Peppers Sun-dried Tomato Extra Cheese Extra Ricotta Cheese
Addt Mini Boli Toppings:Ham +$1.49Salami +$1.49Bacon +$1.49Sausage +$1.49Pepperoni +$1.49Hamburger +$1.49Meatballs +$1.49Onions +$1.49Green Peppers +$1.49Mushrooms +$1.49Anchovies +$1.49Kalmata Olives +$1.49Jalapeno Peppers +$1.49Banana Peppers (mild) +$1.49Tomato +$1.49Pineapple +$1.49Broccoli +$1.49Steak +$1.49Chicken +$1.49Extra cheese +$1.49Extra Ricotta +$1.49Artichokes +$1.49Roasted Red Peppers +$1.49Sun-dried Tomatoes +$1.49